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A singer/songwriter/producer from South London, Sacha T is known for her soulful, soothing tones that sit neatly on the blend of the pop, r&b/soul and acoustic sounds she produces.


After facing battles with confidence and self esteem whilst in Secondary school, Sacha T picked up the guitar and began writing music, but gave up her dream of performing to focus on her education instead. It wasn't until the age of 20, after performing at the opening of Caius House, that Sacha T began recording, performing and writing music. Sacha T then went on to perform on various stages across London citing Somerset House, Lambeth Country Show and Westfield as some of her favourite performance venues. She has written and produced with and for artists across the the world including Fluer East and Rose Lowe. Her production ranges from R&B to Pop to K-Pop and she's never afraid to try something new and blur genre lines to create a new sound.


Often described as therapeutic and soothing, whether through vocals, lyrics or music, Sacha T's music can only be described as inspirational as she often draws the trauma faced in her past experiences as the foundation on her songwriting. Inspired by many genres and artists ranging from John Mayer to Chloe x Halle to Jonathan McReynolds to Selena Gomez, you can expect to hear different styles when listening to a Sacha T record, all accompanied by the same soothing, soulful tone tying all of these styles together.


Sacha T is also an advocate for Mental Health and Music, taking part in discussions with organisations such as "Music for Youth" and the "Ed Renshaw Award" that encourage people to use music to enhance their mental health and encourage musicians to look after their mental being. She was also the recipient of the Help Musicians UK x MOBO fund in 2021 and is currently working on a project for release in 2022.


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