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First car, first house, first birthday, first breath, first kiss. Firsts. 

First blog much pressure! The words "start as you mean to go on" spring to mind and I'll be honest, these words don't necessarily bring comfort...

That's why I've decided to title this first post "There's a first time for everything..." because sometimes we (and when I say we, I include myself) forget how true this actually is. We look at the "bigs" and the "greats" and forget that they too had to start from somewhere - they too had "firsts"...

But yes, this is my first Blog post. Some of you reading this are probably thinking the same thing I thought when I first got the idea to start writing - "Who cares what you have to say?" And the truth is, I actually don't have an answer for you. Sorry. All I know is, I love to write, whether it be through blogs, essays, short stories, songs, poems etc, so that's what I've decided to do. 

I just want to say one thing before I start this journey though - for anyone reading this. I'm an artist, I create - mostly through music, but I'm expanding (not physically I hope) but creatively. I don't really know where I'm going with this, or where I will end up (creatively) but what I do know, is I don't have time to question possibilities. I've done it before and it's unsatisfying - wondering "what if" and "what could've been". I've posted videos on YouTube that have had only 5 views (they probably still do - you can check), I've uploaded songs to SoundCloud that have only had 3 plays (you can check that too...) but I always set out to do what I need or want to do - and of those 5 views and 3 plays, I will always get a random message from someone I've never met, letting me know that I've helped them in some way.

That's when I'm reminded why I was born to be so extra. 

It's simple. Love what you do and do what you love - whatever happens after that, doesn't really matter. 

So this is my beginning. For those coming along for the ride, welcome and thank you...For everyone else, please, take what you need...

It's new, it's scary, It's different (for me anyway), but there's a first time for let's get it...

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